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17th April

  • Plastic Platform [C86]: Zuper

    Plastic Platform [C86]: Zuper

    by The 405

    This selection of music covers a range of flavours, from smart late-afternoon house-tinged preludes heralding fun-filled evenings to horizontally inclined offbeats soaked with liquid percussion and a glorious sense of doing nothing. Stick this mix on and do nothing yourself. Or file it under "First BBQ of the Year" and keep it for such an occasion. Enjoy. [read more]

15th April

  • The Essential Joanna Newsom Playlist

    The Essential Joanna Newsom Playlist

    by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

    It’s difficult to suggest the best entry point into the Newsom back-catalogue for a novice. Her first album, The Milk-Eyed Mender, is perhaps a touch more accessible than its siblings, partly thanks to the fact that the majority of its tracks are of normal length. Nevertheless, to our ears, Newsom’s debut – when compared to Ys and Have One On Me – is but a hint of her talent, both in terms of the lyrical content and musical virtuosity. [read more]

13th April

  • Plastic Platform [C85]: Amazonica

    Plastic Platform [C85]: Amazonica

    by The 405

    Amazonica, aka Victoria Harrison, launched her debut track ('High On You') last week via Pure Music Recordings, so to celebrate we asked her to put together a mix for our Plastic Platform series. We also asked Victoria to document her recent trip to Miami and LA. [read more]

31st March

30th March

  • Plastic Platform [C84]: BLVC SVND

    Plastic Platform [C84]: BLVC SVND

    by The 405

    We're happy to have given him this chance to showcase his back catalogue, as well as a few tracks that he digs, which include Drake's 'How Bout Now' and 'Bandz a Make Her Dance' by Juicy J. Ready yourself for an odyssey of beats. Go! [read more]

27th March

26th March

  • The Essential Modest Mouse Playlist

    The Essential Modest Mouse Playlist

    by Jennifer Jonson

    Most Modest Mouse fans usually fall into one camp or another: the early diehards who followed them through cult status all the way to mainstream alt-rock fame, and the millennials who hopped on the bandwagon with the ubiquity of 'Float On' and 'Ocean Breathes Salty' [read more]

19th March

  • The Essential Beach Boys Playlist

    The Essential Beach Boys Playlist

    by William Tomer

    One of the greatest music tragedies in recent memory would be the devolution of the Beach Boys into a state-fair caliber oldies band. Having played everything from the MontBleu Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA to the Riverfest in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA, the band’s deterioration in quality is often attributed to the absence of Brian Wilson. [read more]

17th March

  • The Essential St. Patrick's Day Playlist

    The Essential St. Patrick's Day Playlist

    by Joe Carroll

    If you're Irish, have Irish blood running through your veins, or once bumped into an Irish person on the tube, you may feel compelled to spend the 17th March celebrating St Patrick's Day. Whether you're honouring the good man who rid Ireland of snakes by spending the whole day down the pub or just grabbing a pint after work, no St Patrick's Day would be complete without some fantastic Irish music. [read more]

13th March

12th March

6th March

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25th February

23rd February

11th February

  • A Generation of Donut Addicts: J Dilla's Legacy

    A Generation of Donut Addicts: J Dilla's Legacy

    by Patrick Lyons

    Since Dilla's untimely death, the music world has seen arguably more tributes, posthumous releases, fan art, and homages directed at him than any other rap producer of his era. I say "music world" because it's important to note that, while Dilla rarely stepped outside the realm of hip-hop/R&B in his time on Earth (here's one amazing outlier though), his influence has spread to genres far and wide. [read more]

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