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30th July

  • The Essential Sia Playlist

    The Essential Sia Playlist

    by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

    Ok, we hold our hands up and acknowledge that we've left out two of Sia's best-loved songs, 'Breathe Me' and 'Chandelier', out of this so-called essential playlist, but - tell you what - there's so much more to the antipodean songsmithstress and her discography than them two admittedly monster tunes and we wanted to focus on other tracks you may inadvertently have missed out on or forgotten about. [read more]

17th July

11th July

10th July

20th June

  • Plastic Platform [C73]: Spazzkid

    Plastic Platform [C73]: Spazzkid

    by Joni Roome

    Artists find inspiration in the strangest of places and for electronic producer and songwriter Spazzkid (aka Mark Redito) the inspiration for this mix came from browsing everyone's favourite online auction house. [read more]

13th June

20th May

  • The Essential Sonic Youth Playlist

    The Essential Sonic Youth Playlist

    by Alex Cull

    From 1983’s implosive, atonal Confusion Is Sex right through to the four-piece’s 2009 swansong, the rollicking The Eternal, such has been the all-encompassing influence on pop culture of the New Yorkers that they might have touched yr. life in more ways than you realise. [read more]

16th May

  • Plastic Platform [C72]: Harrison

    Plastic Platform [C72]: Harrison

    by The 405

    Welcome to Plastic Platform, with Toronto-based musician Harrison in charge of this week's mix. Among tracks of Knight One, First Tough, Vanilla, Chris Malinchack and more, it also features three Harrison tunes, two of them unreleased. [read more]

9th May

30th April

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4th April

29th March

12th March

  • The Essential Tom Waits Playlist

    The Essential Tom Waits Playlist

    by Robert Whitfield

    To discover the music of Tom Waits is to become Alice falling down the rabbit hole. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the myriad routes and curiosities to take. Hopefully this playlist, which spans Waits' entire career, including studio recordings, live performances, collaborations and other oddities, will act as a starting point. [read more]

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