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16th December

5th December

26th November

  • Essential Playlist: The National

    Essential Playlist: The National

    by Will Richards

    A discography comprising six full-length albums as well as a bunch of b-sides, EPs and rarities is more than a little daunting when diving into the world of that band all your friends tell you you'll adore. Some bands actually are worth the slog though. [read more]

23rd October

20th October

6th October

29th September

24th September

  • Plastic Platform [C75]: bawxxx

    Plastic Platform [C75]: bawxxx

    by The 405

    For this outstanding Plastic Platform mix, bawxxx gathered essentially remixed tunes that range from Ciara's 'Sorry' and Lido's 'Money' to Mr. President's 'Coco Jambo' and Spice Girls' 'Spice Up Your Life'. [read more]

18th September

17th September

  • Plastic Platform [C74]: Natasha Kmeto

    Plastic Platform [C74]: Natasha Kmeto

    by The 405

    "I wanted to make a mix that featured a lot of the new music I've been listening to lately, focusing on producers who's music is newer to me (with a couple old favorites in there). I also featured a couple of my favorite remixes that came from a remix competition that the Canadian Festival, Bass Coast, did for some songs off of my last LP. [read more]

11th September

28th August

  • Essential Playlist: The Knife

    Essential Playlist: The Knife

    by Robert Whitfield

    Their demise is a great loss for music and for culture in general. Fortunately there are artists out there now who are sure to be stepping up to carry on the work started by the duo, and if The Knife choose to return one day with new music we will welcome them with open arms. [read more]

8th August

6th August

30th July

  • The Essential Sia Playlist

    The Essential Sia Playlist

    by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

    Ok, we hold our hands up and acknowledge that we've left out two of Sia's best-loved songs, 'Breathe Me' and 'Chandelier', out of this so-called essential playlist, but - tell you what - there's so much more to the antipodean songsmithstress and her discography than them two admittedly monster tunes and we wanted to focus on other tracks you may inadvertently have missed out on or forgotten about. [read more]

17th July

11th July

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