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30th July

  • The Essential Sia Playlist

    The Essential Sia Playlist

    by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

    Ok, we hold our hands up and acknowledge that we've left out two of Sia's best-loved songs, 'Breathe Me' and 'Chandelier', out of this so-called essential playlist, but - tell you what - there's so much more to the antipodean songsmithstress and her discography than them two admittedly monster tunes and we wanted to focus on other tracks you may inadvertently have missed out on or forgotten about. [read more]

29th July

28th July

24th July

  • The 405 meets King Creosote

    The 405 meets King Creosote

    by George Meixner

    In a move that will later be shown to be embarrassingly hypocritical, I called Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote) at his native Anstruther home from my Essex-coastal abode, a distance of 550km. We talked about the unique documentary that Kenny recently scored - the music of which formed his new album, From Scotland With Love. [read more]

  • The 405 Guide to Moombahcore

    The 405 Guide to Moombahcore

    by Will Robinson

    Recently, I've seen a bunch of people throw around the phrase "moombahcore" to describe various electronic music songs. The songs themselves are usually pretty good - I'm especially partial to Downlink's remix of Porter Robinson’s '100% in the Bitch'. However, the term "moombahcore" is a shaky one at best. [read more]

23rd July

21st July

17th July

15th July

  • The Essential Elliott Smith Playlist

    The Essential Elliott Smith Playlist

    by Rob Hollamby

    In summer 2003 I woke at 4am every day for a month, and walked through sleeping suburbs as the sun came up. Those mornings, pushing a vacuum cleaner through the quiet halls of a crumbling primary school, I first came to know Elliott Smith on Either/Or, his second full-length under his own name. [read more]

14th July

11th July

8th July

7th July

4th July

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