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27th March

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25th March

  • Tove Styrke's SXSW 2015 Diary

    Tove Styrke's SXSW 2015 Diary

    by The 405

    Tove Styrke's SXSW 2015 diary has us all feeling extremely hungry. Hungry for tacos, hungry for seafood, and hungry for more photos. [read more]

  • SXSW 2015: Report #4

    SXSW 2015: Report #4

    by Tessa Hunt

    I started bright and early at 10am. I picked up my friend Vanessa from her hotel, and we went and got tattoos! I told you we were gonna do it and we did it. She got a heart-shaped pizza. I got a rock. I'd never had a tattoo for breakfast before! It was a fun way to begin Saturday. [read more]

  • Behind The Video: The 405 meets Kevan Funk

    Behind The Video: The 405 meets Kevan Funk

    by Elle Bishop

    Hailing from the frozen Canadian wilderness known as Vancouver (also a pleasant summer hot-spot), director Kevan Funk shunned the temptation of poutine and ice-hockey to speak candidly about his phenomenal video for Odesza's 'All We Need'. [read more]

24th March

  • The 405 meets Lieutenant U.S.

    The 405 meets Lieutenant U.S.

    by Lior Phillips

    This is Mendel's modest bursting-out-all-over debut, an open letter to his supernova star power and classic-rock radicalism; his teeming brain and crafty tongue. As the title of the band and album imply, he's now proud to step out of line and take charge. [read more]

  • Kanye West vs. Everyone

    Kanye West vs. Everyone

    by Chloe Spencer

    If music festivals are to survive past the age of of our eldest Uncles, we need to make sure that the bill is refreshed. In 20 years time, those fans that were there at the beginning won't be there, we will, the generation of bedroom producers, grime, EDM, PC music, K-pop, Taylor Swift, '90s R&B heavy DJ sets and 7am entry to Berghain. [read more]

  • Marina and the Diamonds: A Lookback

    Marina and the Diamonds: A Lookback

    by Sofie Mikhaylova

    Taking the stage name Marina and the Diamonds, Marina made it clear that unlike every other artist who took on a similar name, the "Diamonds" weren't referring to her backing band-- instead, the Diamonds were her fans. This, already, set her apart. From the beginning, Marina recognized her fans, and the fleeting, awesome power that they held. They were her diamonds. Ultimately, they still are. [read more]

23rd March

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18th March

  • The 405 meets OOFJ

    The 405 meets OOFJ

    by Amelia Maher

    For some people, having to work with your significant other on a day-to-day basis would be something of a nightmare, but for the duo that make up atmospheric, dark electronic outfit OOFJ, it's a partnership that works perfectly. [read more]

16th March

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