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2nd October

  • A Celebration: R.E.M.'s Monster

    A Celebration: R.E.M.'s Monster

    by Tom Clayton

    This month sees the 20th anniversary of R.E.M.'s Monster. Perennially seen as the misfit in the band's back catalogue, it represented an electrifying return to the rock of their I.R.S. years after the unprecedented success of 1992's Automatic for the People. [read more]

1st October

30th September

29th September

26th September

  • Top 5 Videos of the Week

    Top 5 Videos of the Week

    by The 405

    "As soon as you crack your knuckles and open up a comments page, you just cancelled your subscription to being a good person." [read more]

  • A Celebration: Arcade Fire's Funeral

    A Celebration: Arcade Fire's Funeral

    by Daniel Griffiths

    It’s been a decade since Arcade Fire released Funeral to the world. Just think on that for a minute, don’t let your mind wander onto anything else Funeral or Arcade Fire related, just that though. Funeral is ten years old. Scary thought, isn’t it that it’s been a companion in our lives for that long and it always seems new. [read more]

  • A Celebration: Portishead's Dummy

    A Celebration: Portishead's Dummy

    by Daniel Griffiths

    There are some albums that can define a year or a season, or some that define a scene, a movement or a whole genre. It's very rare for an album to define a whole city; its ethos, its character and its culture. Dummy is that kind of album. [read more]

  • The 405 meets Mark Lanegan

    The 405 meets Mark Lanegan

    by Eleonora Collini

    Starting out as the vocalist/guitarist of grunge band Screaming Tress in the mid '80s, the legendary Mark Lanegan began his solo career with The Winding Sheet the following decade, which, featuring a sound steeped in blues and Americana traditions, represented a drastic departure from the more energetic music of his then main band. [read more]

  • 5 Of The Best With Kaytranada

    5 Of The Best With Kaytranada

    by Lyle Bignon

    22 years old and making waves across the world with remixes spanning Janet Jackson to Tensnake, self-produced releases, live shows on three continents and production credits: The 405, meet Kaytranada. [read more]

25th September

24th September

  • Gifted: Mothica

    Gifted: Mothica

    by The 405

    I first stumbled across Brooklyn-based Mothica when one of her tweets was RT'd into my timeline - which admittedly doesn't sound too romantic in the great book of musical discoveries, but this is 2014 after all. The tweet was funny. I like funny. This led me to her Soundcloud page, which led to this one song, which led to another, which led to another. I was trapped. It's all about her voice. I can't get enough. I needed to know more. [read more]

  • 5 Essential Cassette Store Day Releases

    5 Essential Cassette Store Day Releases

    by Tom Jowett

    After a successful inaugural year in 2013, Cassette Store Day returns this weekend with an impressive list of over 100 releases. Unlike Record Store Day, the major labels are thankfully not involved (sorry 1D fans), and the list is a proper treasure-trove of potentially undiscovered new music. [read more]

23rd September

22nd September

  • Gifted: Simon Hanselmann

    Gifted: Simon Hanselmann

    by The 405

    We recently had a chat with cartoonist Simon Hanselmann about being useless, the running shoes his mother bought him, his "inability to cope with reality" and a bunch of other intellectual things like showering less. [read more]

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