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23rd July

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15th July

  • The Essential Elliott Smith Playlist

    The Essential Elliott Smith Playlist

    by Rob Hollamby

    In summer 2003 I woke at 4am every day for a month, and walked through sleeping suburbs as the sun came up. Those mornings, pushing a vacuum cleaner through the quiet halls of a crumbling primary school, I first came to know Elliott Smith on Either/Or, his second full-length under his own name. [read more]

14th July

11th July

8th July

7th July

4th July

  • You Followed Us On Soundcloud: Edition #4

    You Followed Us On Soundcloud: Edition #4

    by Larry Day

    We're highlighting five acts a week that are following us on Soundcloud who we think sound any combination of rad, neat or super-duper. [read more]

  • You Are What You Listen To

    You Are What You Listen To

    by Stephanie Vance

    It happens to the best of us. We hear a song for the first time. Jaw hits floor. Push 'repeat'. It's in your headphones every morning on your commute to work. Can't start the day without it. On loop in your head for weeks. The song speaks to you in a way that you can't fully explain, but you feel under your skin. [read more]

3rd July

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1st July

30th June

  • Remembering Bobby Womack

    Remembering Bobby Womack

    by Edward Clibbens

    To many, Bobby Womack is just the man who soundtracked one of cinema's most iconic scenes, in Jackie Brown. To others, he's just the man who recorded a particularly good version of 'California Dreaming'. These moments alone are enough to stay with people forever and leave fond memories across generations. Beyond those specific milestones though, you have a unique talent, a vast and diverse catalogue of music, and a fascinating, remarkable man. [read more]

28th June

  • Glastonbury 2014: Live Coverage

    Glastonbury 2014: Live Coverage

    by The 405

    Not at Worthy Farm? Can't be bothered to live-stream the performances? We've got you covered. We'll be updating this page with all the latest live videos from Glastonbury 2014 so that you can watch them when you get a spare moment or two. [read more]

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