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Alcopop Xmas Party

Alcopop Xmas Party

by , 15 December 2009

Venue: The Social, Little Portland Street Support Bands: Tellison, Stagecoach, My First Tooth, Aspen Sails Date: 14/12/09 The hottest festive event of the year rocked the narrow underground bar in London on Monday night, which had all the features of a classic Christmas party. Gig-goers were given presents on the door, Stagecoach were selling copies of their Christmas song, with a cheesy picture of themselves in knitted jumpers on the cover, and a few members of the 405 team were there to join them and the Alcopop team like a family get-together. Image and video hosting by TinyPic To get the event to a cheery start, Aspen Sails played the beginning of 'Winter Wonderland', then phasing into their own material, harmonious music that had the atmosphere of an endearing American county ballad. They had the skill to silence the room with such soaring vocals and foot-tapping sequences. Image and video hosting by TinyPic following on were My First Tooth. This band played with an uplifting sea shanty spirit that warmed up the crowd and stirred in a mood, meant for sunny days and clearing the nights of the chills and gloom of Winter. The perfect dance between uniting vocals, strings and guitars brought out the best of the season's attitudes in the audience; those jigging while sat in booths, as well as those letting loose by the stage. Image and video hosting by TinyPic The room was really jumping when Stagecoach got up to play. The 405 has given this band a lot of doses of praise in the past and it all gets justified when they play a set. They give the listener a feeling as though the show's being played for them personally, like it's their best friends on the guitar, drums and mandolin. As a result, one of the parties of the year broke out, with fits of passion and mandolin-player, Tom Lewis, dancing on the booth tables. Image and video hosting by TinyPic To put a roaring close on the live music for the evening, Tellison were well placed as the headliners. It was all so apparent why they have been bigged up as a band that deserve our love, cherishing and to rule the world. It's musicians with their ability to play rock and pop with unlimited sincerity and grit that wins the people over, and it is treated as a special event whenever they play. So, it was a rather legendary night of the holiday. Sorry if you find this hard to accept, but there's no way that your festive event can be quite as good as the Alcopop Xmas Party.

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