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Black Daniel - Consciousness (Secret Garden Party Mix) / Lonely Screen Boy

Black Daniel - Consciousness (Secret Garden Party Mix) / Lonely Screen Boy

by , 20 September 2010

Label: Dustbowl Recordings Release date: 20/09/10 Link: Official SiteBlack Daniel are a three piece post-punk-pop-electronic-shoegaze-prog band, kind of, I think. From what I have heard they seem to change their style from song to song, indeed on this double A-Side single that is exactly what they do. ‘Consciousness’ is a shiny pop rock track full of big synth sounds, complemented with chugging guitars and heavy bass. While ‘Lonely Screen Boy’ is a roughly recorded song with elements of folk and blues running throughout, vocals all over the place and (I’m guessing intentional) mistakes aplenty in the accompanying instrumentation. I have to say my first impression of these songs wasn’t good. I thought they were poorly written, dull and badly recorded just to add insult to injury. However they grew on me every time I pressed play. ‘Consciousness’, although very repetitive with really only two sections repeated a few times through, is an infectious party track high in energy reminiscent of Joy Division. ‘Lonely Screen Boy’ compliments the upbeat first song with its down tempo gritty sound. It shows the polar opposite of Black Daniel’s style, a moody, dark and dirty song that brings you back down from the party you might been attempting to start on Side-A. The song finishes abruptly after two and a half minutes, leaving you wondering what exactly it was that you were just listening to. It was all over so quickly, but I think I liked it. Photobucket

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