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Flying Lotus – Pattern + Grid World [EP]

Flying Lotus – Pattern + Grid World [EP]

by , 21 September 2010

Label:Warp Release date: 20/09/2010 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Continuing his world domination in all things new and hip, the ever amazing Flying Lotus drops another unclassifiable nugget of beautiful music. As a lot of you will agree I’m sure, Cosmogramma was one hell of a confusing but outstanding piece of work, fusing a plethora of contrasting influences from jazz to 8 bit to hip hop to make one ungodly mess of amazing noise and music. Well, Pattern + Grid Worldwon’t disappoint you. Not continuing, but supplementing Cosmogramma, these 7 tracks explore more influences and build a comfortable, if not exceptional, EP. The main highlight for me has to be ’Time Vampires’ which saunters through just over 2 minutes, touching trip hop, jazz and feeling like a Sunday afternoon. While it glistens and smoothly plays itself through, it feels slightly uncomfortable and unsettling almost, like all of Flying Lotus’ best. This is again the case in Jurassic Notion/ M Theory which takes the atonal sampling and joys of Black Dice and the likes and turns it into something smoother. Yeah, it still breaks down and uses music concrete without warning; it makes something that is altogether easier, more beautiful. Flying Lotus has done nothing here to dissuade me from saying that he is currently the best out there at taking the inorganic and making it feel warm and real. This shit shouldn’t work, I keep saying to myself, but it does and does well to boot. While this is undeniably good, and exciting, it still lacks something of the really new. It’s fun, it’s talented beyond belief and it’s great to listen to, as with all Flying Lotus, but unlike a lot of his previous stuff, it doesn’t push boundaries. That’s not a bad thing – it would be arrogant to think that everything I hear from him has to be world changing or it’s shit – it’s just interesting. It’s not a mark down either – I still think this is one mighty fine EP that’s well worth the listen, it’s just odd to hear a Flying Lotus release and not hear something completely new and out there. It’s consistent, rather than over and above. Not bad, but not world changing. So it’s a good release, and also a good entry point for a lot of people wanting to get into and understand Flying Lotus. It’s easily accessible and gripping, it’s a great EP. It’s just not got the over and above bite that Flying Lotus can achieve. Photobucket

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