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Mammal Club - The Au [EP]

Mammal Club - The Au [EP]

by , 10 May 2011

Who says that new bands from Newcastle can’t combine pop music with an experimental nature and psychedelic influences to great effect? No, really, does anyone say that? It’d be quite an odd thing to say, wouldn’t it? Seriously, if you do know anyone that does say that firstly tell them that Jake thinks they are quite odd and secondly and more importantly tell them to listen to the debut EP from Mammal Club.

At first they might stick to their slightly peculiar rule of thumb, but tell them to give the four-piece’s debut release a few listens. Tell them it’ll grow after each listen; eventually containing the kind of energetic, dance-able pop song crafted by the likes of Everything Everything and Man Man. The Au EP opens strongly with the twinkling and math-influenced sound of ‘Otter’; gloch loops speedily, bass drum thuds, hi-hats hiss, bass buzzes and vocals – all up-and-down, frantic and striking – make an impact immediately. It’s precise, impressive, big and exciting – and that’s exactly how the EP continues throughout.

‘Out Of The Playground’ is all Hot Club De Paris-intro before launching into a big guitar and drum chorus, less pacey than the EP’s opener but equally as thrilling with the fast-paced harmonised guitar and bass work, combined again with the ever impressive vocals. ‘Hang’ quickly cements itself firmly at the base of your skull; opening like a d’n’b remix of a shoegaze epic, before revealing itself as one of the catchiest songs you’re likely to hear in a while, and closer ‘Picket’ is certainly the EP’s pensive and more downbeat number – demonstrating the band’s ability to spread their wings.

Bands often struggle to create a record that makes both a critical and a public impact, but Mammal Club look likely to achieve strong backing from both on the end of this release.


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