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Mother Mother - Body of Years

Mother Mother - Body of Years

by , 20 September 2010

Label: Last Gang Records Release Date: 20/09/10 Website: MySpace In my experience of new bands, the slicker their MySpace, the less likely they are to have musical substance. Often, though not always. My first visit to Mother Mother's decidedly lubricious MySpace page ('mothermotherspace') left me discouraged. I admit, I took a look at them before I heard them, never the best idea, especially when my first impression wasn't really fair. 'Body of Years' is an ultra-quirky and incredibly fun pop song. In no way is terming it 'pop' a negative slur; Mother Mother are pop in the way that Of Montreal are pop, left-field and animated, and not afraid to utilise rock and roll tones. Bass guitar and synth carry the upbeat track along, but the real attraction is the vocal line, lively and bold, a touch of Scissor Sisters' shimmer sneaking into the backing vocals. The chorus is catchy; I would also say it's a tad annoying, but most things are when on indefinite repeat in your mind. The second track on the single, 'Touch Up', is an even more calculated attempt at quirkiness. This works less well, a strange discussion of women's health and beauty routines. Syncopating wildly, a vaguely Ting Tings voice (no, not quite as irritating) repeats 'I need a touch up' a few too many times over Franz Ferdinand style riffs. Despite its slight misfiring, it's a good track, and together, 'Body of Years' and 'Touch-Up' are a brilliant introduction to Mother Mother. Ignore the MySpace. Photobucket

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