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UNKLE - The Answer

UNKLE - The Answer

by , 23 September 2010

Label: Surrender All Release date: 12/09/2010 Link: Myspace Buy/Stream: Amazon/Spotify Everyone’s favourite relatives return with an E.P. to join their album Where Did The Night Fall, which came out earlier this year. The sound follows on from the earlier release, and actually features a couple of tracks from the album. In true UNKLE fashion, said sound is as expansive and inspired as ever it was. Typically, a whole host of guests have been brought in for the honour: Lupe Fiasco and one-time member of the group Tim Goldsworthy (on remix duty) among others. Each manages to bring something new to the UNKLE party without once overshadowing the unmistakable production of James Lavelle, mastermind (and only consistent member) of the outfit. First impression? So far, so UNKLE. Perhaps in the first listen or two it may seem a bit flat in places, but sure enough the growers grow and the E.P. is on repeat before you know it. A clear range of style and attitude is on display here, as we see ’Country Tune’, with Gavin Clark’s vocals, provide some down time in the middle, only for Lupe’s ‘The Runaway...’ to barge in and snap us back to life with a sucker punch of a low end. Accompanied by razor-sharp verses and an almost euphoric chorus, this has to be the stand out song of the bunch. Uplifting opener ‘The Answer’, and the frantic, scuzzy remix of Sleepy Sun’s contribution ‘Follow Me Down’, complete with a vocal performance Bjork would be proud of, prove that this collection is no one-trick pony. So what is this collection? If it is rich and soulful one minute, the next minute it’s oozing with brooding cool, or it’s shredding your mum’s curtains in a frenzy. In other words, The Answer is everything that we have come to, and hopefully always will love about UNKLE. Photobucket

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