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24th April

  • Sufjan Stevens - Northrup Auditorium, Minnesota 23/04/15

    Sufjan Stevens - Northrup Auditorium, Minnesota 23/04/15

    by Michael Cyrs

    There’s a lot of ways Sufjan Stevens could have approached his concert earlier this evening at the University of Minnesota. I imagined a short set with one or two other musicians, a long middle section with just him and a guitar, and a handful of Illinois tracks near the end. Being convinced of this scenario made the actual experience pop like a balloon of joy when Stevens and four gorgeously employed musicians played through nearly every track off this year's Carrie and Lowell. [read more]

  • Stealing Sheep - Not Real

    Stealing Sheep - Not Real

    by Ian Hays

    Not Real is all processed, electronic studio noodling that looks to push the boundary of the band's sound. [read more]

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