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  • FKA Twigs - LP1

    FKA Twigs - LP1

    by Lior Phillips

    More than anything this feels universally appealing. [read more]

  • This Is A Music Festival Review

    This Is A Music Festival Review

    by Ze Pequeno

    Tedium bothers me in this way for many reasons: It is a sickness in and of itself, but of the mind. But its cause requires context. As I felt illness throughout the bulk of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, I spent some trouble trying to understand why it was there to begin with. Maybe the summer heat of the latter two days also got to me. But even that didn't make much sense. [read more]

  • Grumbling Fur - Preternaturals

    Grumbling Fur - Preternaturals

    by Robert Whitfield

    Grumbling Fur spit in the face of genre conventions - and rightly so. [read more]

  • Bo Saris - Gold

    Bo Saris - Gold

    by Larry Day

    It's OTT, drenched in campy humour and massive pop melodies – it should be pure fun from start to finish. It's when things get all serious that Titulaer stumbles. There are genuine moments of brilliance in here, and they're worth rummaging around for. [read more]

25th July

24th July

  • Lovebox Festival 2014

    Lovebox Festival 2014

    by Woodrow Whyte

    What could be more pleasant than standing in the searing heat at midday waiting in a giant queue for an hour? Well, pretty much everything as it turns out. We felt great depths of pity for those pink, dehydrated souls that were packed like sardines into the ticket lanes on the opening day of Lovebox but what lay ahead of them was, on the whole, worth the wait. [read more]

  • Fink - Hard Believer

    Fink - Hard Believer

    by Robert Whitfield

    For those who've enjoyed previous Fink records, you’ll likely find much to like on Hard Believer. [read more]

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