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Jagwar Ma - 'The Throw'

by Larry Day (Google+), 30 January 2013

Harking back to the euphoric waves and drug-addled haze of Madchester, Jagwar Ma unleash new single, 'The Throw', with oodles of thwomping bass and ticking drum machines. It's an expansive, climactic number, extending to the far reaches of your mind with tentacles of Happy Mondays and Stone Roses, begging you to embrace the music. It's kinetic and smoggy like flailing in pea soup, with the psychedelic air of disconnection and flecks of modern dance – it defies you to stay still. Similarly, the couldn't-be-more-90s-if-it-tried video is hypnotic. Filmed at double speed and slowed to fit with the beat, the result is an oddly-paced smear of glory, with blocks over colour superimposed over high rises and sunsets. Watch/listen/tape your feet/shake your hips above.

'The Throw' is out on Marathon Artists/Future Classic on February 25, with a debut album to follow later in the year.

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