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Schultz and Forever - 'Sociopathic Youth' [405 Premiere]

by New Music Team, 08 February 2013

Rarely does one come across a voice that's as truly remarkable as that of Jonathan Schultz, the leadsinger of Danish based Schultz and Forever. Equally idiosyncratic and spellbinding, the band's song 'Sociopathic Youth' perfectly represents the raw, delicate beauty of Schultz and Forever. 'Sociopathic Youth' is backdropped by a stunning, hazy video which maps a journey through India.

The video for Sociopathic Youth was produced by 'Powerclap', a Danish production company. The director commented, “the video is both a physical and visual travel diary, which is portraying a generational inspiration journey, for the young creative mind, in the middle of an euphoric journey, while still longing for home.”

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