Almost 12 years? Fuck.


In some ways it feels like we started this stupid website just last week, and in others, a whole lifetime ago. For a start, everyone involved with the site, from the early days to now, looks like shit. I suppose that's how time works - gravity and the constant weight of life slowly takes its toll - but looking back at those old shows we used to put on last decade (!), it's hard not to feel nostalgic for the days when we were all just a bit more optimistic about what laid ahead.


Almost 12 years.


Firmly strapped to our digital deathbed, it's hard not to think about the mistakes we've made over the years. Hell, it would be real easy right now to discuss all the ways in which the 'musical/digital landscape' shifted faster than our little legs could handle - but what's the point? We lasted way longer than we probably deserved to, and had a great time doing so. What more could you really ask for?


Almost 12 years.


One of the strangest things about running a music website is trying to explain to your family what your job is. I often spoke about the number of emails I had to respond to, or the features I had to plan out to keep things ticking over, but ultimately my job was to provide a platform for talented people, and to make sure I didn't get in their way.


That's what I'll miss the most. Being able to consume such incredible work on a daily basis made it easier to weather the many storms.


Almost 12 years.


Before I depart, I'd just like to thank a few people that have been integral to the site: Wil for keeping me sane for longer than I care to remember, Ana (my digital sister) for being the biggest reason why this site didn't close a long time ago, Tim for being Tim, my wife for putting up with my bullshit, Pete and Rob for also putting up with my bullshit, Samo, Chase, Rob Hakimian, and my 4-year-old son who has no idea what the 405 is.




Fucking wild.

Oliver Primus (Ohnimation Studio)

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