With spring blooming all around, many people are hoping to reinvent their style. Who can look at all those blossoms and resist the urge to make a few updates? Spring is all about creative abundance, so the best thing to do is to take advice from some of the most high-profile creatives: famous rappers. If you’re worried that you’re about to receive a list of strict rules, don’t be. You have full artistic license over your look – just check out the following tips and let your creativity flow.

Stick to fashion ground rules à la Kendrick Lamar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Kendrick Lamar's album, DAMN., recently won a Pulitzer Prize. This is a huge deal, not only because the award is widely agreed to be well-deserved in its own right, but also because it’s the first album to win that isn’t in the classical or jazz genre. Lamar has released four studio albums (DAMN. is the fourth), one compilation album, and one soundtrack album, and has received seven Grammy wins and twenty-nine nominations. It’s safe to say that whatever his ground rules are, he’s doing something right with them.

As for how these ground rules relate to fashion, this is left up for you to interpret. It’s unfortunately too late to buy DAMN. merchandise from a pop-up store, but thankfully some have already given Lamar’s fashion ground rules some thought. Esquire magazine put together a list of five tips for how to emulate him. By following ground rules that revolve around what Esquire pinpoints as his ‘accessible, relatable aesthetic’, you might just find out how Lamar makes being iconic look so effortless.

Highlight a signature accessory à la Cardi B

Rapper and hip-hop artist Cardi B has also been making moves – money moves, as she is careful to specify in her song ‘Bodak Yellow’, which was nominated for two Grammy awards. Her first studio album was released on 6 April 2018. The next day, she announced her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live, a pregnancy that didn’t stop her from performing at Coachella the following weekend. The album (which is called Invasion of Privacy and quickly climbed to the top of the American Billboard music charts) features the single ‘Bartier Cardi’, the subject of this fashion lesson.

Lyrical analyses of ‘Bartier Cardi’ have confirmed that ‘Bartier’ is a reference to Cartier. By adjusting the name of the famous brand so that it merges with her stage name, Cardi B puts her luxury accessories in the spotlight. While the average person’s budget is significantly smaller than the rapper’s, she makes a good point: signature accessories can be great for self-branding, and for celebrating yourself overall. If you’re in a place to really treat yourself, have a look at different Cartier watches – or even just buy those sunglasses you’ve been eyeing at the mall. Cardi B would definitely approve.

Embrace your fashion influences à la Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is a rapper from New York City who is quickly winning the hearts of hip-hop fans everywhere. Her most recent mixtape, A Girl Cried Red, was released on 13 April 2018 (the first day of Coachella 2018, where she also performed) and is heavily influenced by her appreciation for emo and alt-rock. This source of inspiration colors her fashion as well as her music. Princess Nokia has talked openly about how the punk style has influenced some of her fashion choices, especially in the context of countering the glamorous perfection that is often paired with femininity.

Princess Nokia has been mentioning her fashion choices in her music for a while. On her 2017 album, 1992, for example, the single ‘Tomboy’ references ‘Big pants and some scuffed shoes’ as one of her favorite looks. With the success of her music as well as her striking public fashion persona, Princess Nokia proves that embracing your fashion influences pays off. So if you’re looking to cultivate your style this spring, follow her example and don’t forget your roots.