We’re fast approaching the middle of the year, and already it has had pop culture and entertainment milestones that have blown us away. Avengers: Infinity War exceeded high expectations and left audiences awestruck. Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover) threw the US into a frenzy with his incredibly symbolic and thought-provoking video for new song 'This Is America'. Janelle Monae displayed her own excellence in releasing her new album, Dirty Computer, and its accompanying 'Emotion Picture'.

But the year is far from over, and we’re not even done with May’s offerings yet. There’s still some major entertainment to come this month.

Here are 3 pop culture events that prove there’s something for everyone.

Deadpool 2

The first Deadpool movie was for many years dead in the water. But like the titular character, it refused to stay dead. Ryan Reynolds was committed to making it happen, and upon release we could understand why. Deadpool subverted superhero tropes left right and center. It gave us a hero who had no qualms in killing people, swearing, breaking the fourth wall, and mocking his own movie.

Executives did not believe that this kind of superhero movie could succeed, which is why it took so much pressure from its creators and stars to ever get produced. But succeed it did, earning almost $800 million at the box office, breaking records, and building an immediate cult following. Deadpool 2 is hitting theaters around the world right now, and this time it comes with a reputation to live up to, amid major Marvel hype.

Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

UEFA Champions League Final

For soccer/football fans, the UEFA Champions League Final is an annual blockbuster. Even if your team wasn’t performing in the contest in the first place, it’s a showcase for the best teams around Europe. Neutrals may be best placed to enjoy it more than anyone.

This year, the final will not fail to give us an explosive climax to this season’s competition. Real Madrid may be languishing in 3rd in the La Liga table, 15 points behind Barcelona, but they've got something to prove. And, this is their opportunity to make it 3 Champions Leagues in a row, a feat no one has ever accomplished.

Liverpool come in as the underdogs, but have been playing exhilarating football all season, scoring five goals in the last 16 and quarter-finals, and seven in the semi-finals.

Expect drama and expect goals. This one is truly unpredictable. Make sure to use a trustworthy VPN to stream the UEFA Champions League final if you don’t otherwise have access. VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are invaluable privacy tools that hide all your information behind their own network, thereby protecting you from hackers and having your information viewed by outside agents. It also is a great way to get around region locks, allowing you to watch just about anything from around the globe without the dreaded “this content has not been made available in your country” warning getting in the way.

Arctic Monkeys’ ridiculous new album

Okay, so this has already been out for a few days, but if you haven't yet, take a listen to Arctic Monkeys’ new album. Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is a completely new direction for the British rockers, with Alex Turner’s new piano taking over, giving his lyrical genius a chance to shine through.

The song 'Four Out Of Five' already has a surreal new music video, that you have got to go watch right now. Trust me, it’s like nothing you've seen before.