The ongoing, gargantuan catalog of entries to the 33⅓ book series has announced its newest list of potential entries. While the number of essential albums the series has covered has spread past its probable first boundaries, newer entries have begun to seep into the collection.

Among the 605 new proposals for the 2015 entrants to the catalog, the most frequent nominees so far have been: Tori Amos Boys For Pele (eight times) and Weezer's 1996 classic Pinkerton (six times), while Arcade Fire's Grammy Album Of The Year winner The Suburbs, Björk's Biophilia, and Guns N' Roses glam metal landmark Appetite For Destruction have each received four proposals a piece.

Other, more contemporary, nominees also include Run The Jewels' self-titled debut and Oneohtrix Point Never's R Plus Seven. The entire list can be seen at the 33⅓ official website.