The Specifics

Who Ystudio.

The product: Rollerball Pen.

What are they selling us: "The Rollerball Pen from Ystudio provides Taiwanese design of which its simplicity magnifies its effects. The rollerball pen stands out for its exquisite materials, but even more for its functionality. It is heavy enough to provide a stable grip, yet balanced enough to provide smooth, clean lines and writing. Its quality and durability make this pen a lifetime investment for all your ideas, in the present as well as in the future."

Why we're recommending the product

You know that scene in American Psycho where a bunch of suited men use business cards as a kind of dick measuring competition? Well if you're ever in a situation whereby business cards are replaced with pens, then the Rollerball Pen from Ystudio is clearly going to out-measure the competition. Not that you'd want to be in that sort of situation - because clearly you'd be a bit of a douchebag - but you get the idea.

Built using a combination of brass and copper, the Rollerball Pen is a robust and beautiful creation that makes its €90.00 price tag seem more than reasonable. This isn't your average 20PK of pens for £2 that you end up losing over the course of a few months - this is the sort of pen that you hand down to someone on your deathbed. The sort of pen that'll make you want to write more.

A pen that'll make you want to write more? That should be more than enough to sell you on the Rollerball Pen.

You can purchase a Ystudio Rollerball Pen by heading over here. It retails for €90.00.