The Specifics

Who Voilà.

The product: Specialty instant coffee.

What are they selling us: "Every Cup of Voilà is meticulously hand-crafted from the best specialty coffees in the world to near-perfect extractions to uphold the quality from farm to cup. Whether you keep Voilà on-hand for that exceptionally rough afternoon or use Voilà to experience new coffees and roasters monthly, we believe you will be blown away by the quality and flavor in every cup."

Why we're recommending the product

Look, if you're buying individual packs of coffee from Voilà - which provides 5 cups - it'll cost you $18, which is far from cheap. The subscription model - which goes from 5 cups a month for $20, up to 30 cups per month for $90 (the higher the number, the bigger the saving) - is also pretty expensive, but mostly because the vast majority of us are happy spending a few bucks on a jar of crappy instant coffee to get us through the mornings, while splurging a whole lot more on one-off cups from the likes of Starbucks. So if you look at it from that angle, or even the angle of not spending thousands on a proper coffee machine and speciality beans, per cup Voilà isn't too bad. However, it does set the bar a lot higher than the aforementioned home coffee.

A hit of caffeine is the only reason why we continue to ingest sub-par coffee, but why should we? Why can't we have good instant coffee at home? That's what the folks over at Voilà wrestled with and ultimately defeated. It's hard to really explain just how nice the coffee is - the Copycat flavour from Augies Augies Coffee Roasters being a firm favourite - but a good starting point is probably the design. Yes, the design. Just look at it. Have you seen coffee packaging this good before? This attention to detail - from the taste of the coffee all the way through to the roasters they work with - is what makes Voilà such a killer proposition.

Life is too short for crappy coffee, wouldn't you agree?

You can find out more about Voilà, and purchase some incredible coffee, by heading here.