Gambling has existed for thousands of years — it dates back to 3000 BC ancient Mesopotamia where the six-sided dice was first found. Some games that we play today, such as Pai Gow and lotto, appeared in the 10th century, while poker originated from a Persian game called As-Nas played in the 17th century. Needless to say, gambling has been one of the most popular methods of entertainment throughout history.

In time, gambling has gained even more popularity. Nowadays, there are countless organizations, like casinos and sportsbooks, that present you with the opportunity to place bets and enjoy amazing payouts.

As technology improved and the Internet became easily accessible, online casinos became popular. Many of them offer various bonuses like Points Bet first deposit bonus, for example. While some people love using casino bonuses, betting on sports matches or horse races, others consider it too ordinary. The need for new adventures combined with the ever-growing gambling market gave birth to some of the coolest things that you can bet on today.


Modern video games can be played in multiplayer, which resulted in the formation of a highly competitive world of online video games. Making them similar to regular sports teams, certain organizations formed esports teams that compete in various video game tournaments.

Since the prize pool of some of those video game tournaments exceeds hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, esports quickly became another popular activity among players who wish to spice things up while watching their favorite games. Most popular video games with biggest prize pools that you can bet on are Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, StarCraft 2, and Overwatch.

It’s all About Kim Jong-un

This one is quite fun, actually! If you are somewhat familiar with the political world, then you surely know that Kim Jong-un has been the supreme leader of North Korea from 2011 onwards. Since there is a lot of strain between him and, well, basically the rest of the world, sportsbooks decided to ease up the tension and offer people a chance to bet on nearly anything concerning Kim Jong-un.

Most people like to guess when and how he will cease to be in power and if he will challenge Donald Trump for a round of golf to settle their differences since they are both avid golf players. Moreover, you can speculate about whether Kim Jong-un will ever migrate to America or erect a statue of Donald Trump in North Korea.


Did you know that you could win a lot of cash if you predict the correct date of the Apocalypse? Truth be told, we’re not exactly sure how you are going to collect your prize, but at least you can place bets! Moreover, it is possible to bet on when humanity will find proof of extraterrestrial life. Perhaps the two are connected? The truth is out there, and it will surely give conspiracy theorists something to discuss! For the bet to count, though, the information must be official and announced publicly by NASA.

TV Shows

Popular TV shows have millions of fans worldwide, so it comes as no surprise that you can bet on some of these shows as well. If you’re a Dr. Who fan, you can try to predict who is going to be the next Dr. Who after Jodie Whittaker. Some of the contenders include Benedict Cumberbatch (my vote goes to him as he was a doctor before), Katie Price, and quite a few actors from Game of Thrones.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, its fans are not excluded from placing bets either! No, you can’t bet on who dies next in Game of Thrones — with everyone dropping like flies, that wouldn’t be fun at all, would it? However, what you can bet on is who will be the next one to sit on the Iron Throne. Both Jon Snow and Dany are favorites so far. On the other hand, according to sportsbooks, the odds are against the Mountain, which can attract all the long shot fans out there.


Jingle bets, jingle bets, jingle all the way, players across the world can also bet on Christmas day! Namely, white Christmas has been a popular theme to bet on among players for quite some time as it gives you 50/50 odds of winning — all you have to do is predict whether it will snow on Christmas. However, sportsbooks’ odds drop considerably as you get closer to the holiday and the weather forecast kicks in. In addition, you can also try to guess which song will hold the #1 spot on Christmas, but we don’t recommend that you sit and listen to all of them.