Did you start playing free poker recently and you’re not winning as many hands as you would like to? If that’s the case, there are probably some things that you are doing wrong. If not that, there are at least some things that you could be doing better. With the right set of skills, you could easily take your free poker game to another level and leave your opponents in the dust.

However, if you are a beginner, getting better at free poker might seem like a long and daunting task. Luckily, you have us to give you a helping hand by sharing some of the simplest and most effective tips and tricks that you can start using in your next game. Check them out below!

Join a Community

You might have thought that the first piece of advice we would share would be an in-game tip. However, in our opinion, the times when you improve your free poker skills the most is before and after the games. Therefore, our advice is to join a community, such as a Texas poker club, which would allow you to talk to other players and share experiences with one another.

You should find a friendly community of free poker enthusiasts and become a member. Such places are treasure troves of poker knowledge that’s free for you to just pick off the ground. You can also use the opportunity to test some of your own theories and hear what more experienced players think about them.

Watch and Analyze Games

As we have mentioned above, the times when you learn the most about how to be better at free poker games is before and after you play. In your free time, when you’re not playing, you should be watching and analyzing poker games. If the free poker game of your choice has a “Spectator” feature, you should use it and watch a table before you join.

If there isn’t a “Spectator” feature, you should watch poker pros play and try to analyze their strategies. All poker pros are pros because they have successful playing patterns that they use most of the time. However, they are also able to change them whenever necessary, which is what sets them apart from average players.

Play Fewer Hands and Play Them Aggressively

A lot of people who start playing free poker, come from the world of online slots which never go out of fashion. We can use this slots experience to improve our success rate in poker as well. For example, when you play a high-variance slot game, it is advisable to play fewer spins with higher stakes to maximize your potential wins. The same goes for free poker.

You should avoid playing every single hand. This is a shortcut to running out of chips and being kicked out of a game. Instead, you should focus on playing fewer hands, but playing them aggressively. This means that you should raise more and risk more when you have a good pair of cards in your hands and lay low when you don’t.

Learn How to Bluff

Playing online, behind your computer, means that nobody can see your face. Moreover, if you play in Blockchain based websites, nobody can even learn about your identity. The fact that nobody knows who you are or what your facial expression looks like at the moment means that you can bluff more easily.

You should use this circumstance to your advantage and learn how to bluff properly. This means that you should diversify your raises and allow other players to see that you can make mistakes. Then all you need to believe is lead them to fall in your trap.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fold

If you started with a strong hand and a decent flop, that means that you have probably raised. However, if the turn and the river did not go as you planned, you should not be afraid to fold. There’s no reason to lose more chips than you should if you realize that there is little chance to win the round. This is one of the main things that separates a good player from a bad one.