Social media networks might be the perfect environment for businesses to grow and evolve, but that does not mean that they cannot be perfect environments for each of us to learn and get inspired by people or communities who have meaningful things to spread to the world. It might be adventure, it might be motivation or unique ideas you can get only by visiting these accounts from time to time in order to connect with their views. Here is a list of 7 inspiring Instagram accounts you should follow:

1. @humansofny

This Instagram page aims at offering the world stories of people randomly chosen on the streets of New York. The stories are touching, sometimes funny and all the time beautiful and inspiring. Every story is accompanied by a picture of the person who told it and it really leaves a smile on your face every time a new post is added.

2. @richardbranson

Branson has a personal page in which he manages to mix motivation quotes with pictures taken all around the world and useful business tips. As one of the most influent people around the world, he manages to inspire entrepreneurs and motivate each of us with positive and meaningful posts.

3. @petecashmore

Another successful person manages to inspire people everywhere with a creative Instagram account that gathers hundreds of followers every day. Witnessing the daily activities of a CEO can be really interesting sometimes.

4. @earthxplorer

This one is a page dedicated to travelling around the world. Photos taken by JD Andrews not only go viral instantly, but show some aspects of this world that are food for thought.

5. @timothysykes

Sometimes you need a real example in order to get a job done. And you have it here, with Timothy Sykes: an entrepreneur who is living the dream, travelling everywhere on this world with seemingly zero worries in his pockets.

6. @thezigziglar

Everybody needs to get motivated from time to time and fortunately, the motivational quotes you will find on this page have the power to brighten your every day. A steady flow of motivation quotes is waiting for you to spread them with your team and enjoy them all.

7. @charitywater

Charity Water is more than just an Instagram page which influences people: it’s an organization who aims at bringing water to villages in need. The main aim of this page is to raise awareness and make people care more. And I must admit, they manage to do that with their amazing posts.

With these amazing profiles you can visit and follow now, you’re all set to learn new things every day. Based on your preferences, you might find inspiration in each of the Instagram pages mentioned above. Inspiration can also be one of the best Instagram tools you may find out there. Once you’ve chosen the profiles who suit your needs best, you can start to put those ideas into practice and once you’re inspired, who knows? Maybe you will get Instagram followers and be on such a list one day as well.