Babes, booze and a whole lotta pizza. What else makes the ultimate pizza party? Marta Freedman, the founder of Hot Girls Eating Pizza, has the answer.

As Depop's Events Manager, the digitally savvy go-to girl for pizza parties started Hot Girls Eating Pizza to provide a platform for love, feminism and community. It's no secret that this winning recipe brought in a legion of girls to Freedman's pizza parties, from New York to Los Angeles.

Freedman discusses her favorite pizza places, why she started HGEP, and the lessons she's learned along the way.


You are an Events Manager at Depop and you also started Hot Girls Eating Pizza on Instagram. Why did you launch it on the app?

I launched Hot Girls Eating Pizza on Instagram in May of 2014. I can't believe it's been over two-and-a-half years! I launched on Instagram right before it hit the "influencer era" and I chose Instagram as the platform because I didn't want a blog, I didn't want a formal website and I knew the project would be mostly visual.

What inspired you to create HGEP?

My mom passed away from Stage IV breast cancer when I was 23. I also broke up with my boyfriend shortly after she passed. I hated my job, I didn't know what I was doing with my life, and I sort of craved a project separate from it all. I wanted to create something that wasn't about me or what I needed. I randomly decided to start having pizza dates with cool women. I started with my friends and then slowly started reaching out beyond my own network. One of the first people I reached out to on Instagram is Zoe from the music duo ASTR. I brought her pizza to her show, and then I did the same with some musicians at Governor's Ball. I realized I was onto something!

It seems like pizza is your favorite food! Why have you only focused on pizza?

Surprisingly, pizza is not my favorite food. I've always really liked it but maybe I'm pizza'd out from eating it so much the past couple years. I focused on it because everyone loves it. You can eat pizza even if you're vegan, gluten free, vegetarian... it has mass appeal. I also throw pizza parties in LA, NYC, and Miami, so pizza lends itself well to that.

What is the ideal pizza for you and where can you get the best pizza in NYC and LA?

Right now, I really like thin crust. I never used to though! In LA, I really like Pizzanista or Two Boots for pizza by the slice. I love Jon & Vinny's - it's so fun. In NYC, there are too many to name... it really depends on my mood and location, or the pizza the person I'm meeting prefers.

HGEP mainly focuses on pizza parties, but you also host non-party events like a styling session you did with NYLON's Fashion Editor Marissa Smith. Based on your background, how did you become interested in fashion?

I have always worked in fashion. I went to FIT and studied textile development, then worked many different fabric jobs in the industry for five years. Depop is a social selling app and I luckily get to work with a lot of the same kinds of people I've worked with both in my career and through HGEP: brands, designers, editors, and more. I'm happy my current role is a marriage of everything in my life!

Since you mainly combine your interests in food and fashion, what have you learned from running a completely virtual platform?

The thing about HGEP is that because it's so community-based, to me, it doesn't feel virtual at all. It has so much crossover into my everyday life. So many of my best friends and best business relationships have been formed through HGEP. I even landed my job through it. Because I have so many events, meet everyone I feature offline, and really try to encourage community rather than a "blog" or something flat and visual I think HGEP lives offline in a huge way.

Although HGEP mainly focuses on girls, do you have any plans to create Hot Guys Eating Pizza? If so, how can they be featured?

I was playing with the idea for a while but it doesn't have the same appeal to me. I like to celebrate women and I'm just not as interested in making a platform for guys at the moment. A common misconception of my male followers is that HGEP is for them. The funny thing is, it's not at all.

The fashion industry doesn't have a healthy attitude towards food and stigmatizes it. How can HGEP change this?

I don't particularly agree with that. I think there has been a lot of crossover with food and fashion in the past few years, largely thanks to Instagram and the collaborative spirit of creatives. I do feature models, but I also feature owners of workout studios, too. I just strive to make HGEP a representation of a lot of cool and badass girls.

Where do you see the future of HGEP?

I've been working with some really great brands recently, so I'd like to keep up with brand partnerships in the new year. I am also launching a newsletter that I'm super excited about! I'll keep having pizza parties as long as people keep coming.

You can visit Hot Girls Eating Pizza by heading here.