Earlier this year, a 'fellatio' cafe opened in Switzerland marking the first one in Europe. But now, one is about to pop up on London as Thailand's original idea inspired Geneva-based cafe owner, Bradley Charvet to open his own location in Paddington, London.

While sitting down to enjoy a coffee and a pastries, patrons will be able to use a tablet to browse services from particular escorts as early as December 5. There will reportedly be a base charge of £50, with £10 for every extra 15 minutes for oral sex and up to 100 people can visit the cafe at one time. At this point the cafe predictably caters to exclusively to men.

"Everything related to (the Fellatio cafe) is legal," Charvete claims. "I would say no one is forced to work in this coffee shop. It's a normal job. You do your job, eight hours per day if they decide to work in full time. Good conditions will be provided for their security and the health. I am married, all the guys around area also and we respect the ladies.".

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