Queen Mary University of London scientists have conducted a geographical study which has revealed the identity of Banksy. According to BBC reports, their findings were delayed a week when Banksy's legal team requested they hold off, when they were concerned over specific working in the study's press release, which has now been taken out.

Their findings point to Robin Gunningham, a man who has been named as Banksy in previous investigations by journalists. Specific addresses connected to Gunningham, found using publicly available information, have scored highly on a geoprofile of both London and Bristol, created using a list of Banksy’s art.

The study can be read in full here and it begins by outlining the techniques used in a geographical profiling study: "We use a Dirichlet process mixture (DPM) model of geographic profiling, a mathematical technique developed in criminology and finding increasing application within ecology and epidemiology, to analyse the spatial patterns of Banksy artworks in Bristol and London. The model takes as input the locations of these artworks, and calculates the probability of ‘offender’ residence across the study area. Our analysis highlights areas associated with one prominent candidate (e.g., his home), supporting his identification as Banksy."