Rushing out of the thunder storm and into the sanctuary of The Garage, Friday night saw us attending one of Cubanisto's trademark House Of Mask nights. Mystery ensued as we were met by Venetian-mask-clad dancers and a room full of celebrants. Things were about to get interesting.

A 2015's series of modern day masquerade balls by this rum-flavoured beer brand have been going down a treat and, being there, we can see how.

Neon lights guided us around the packed dancefloor to witness the live street art – a captivating addition and a trademark staple of a Cubanisto party. The brightly coloured skull decorations they conjured only fuelled the mysterious atmosphere as we continued to get down with the other mask-wearing ravers.

Fully engaged from the moment we entered the venue, the first time we actually left the dancefloor was to whet our whistles with some of Cubanisto's tasty, rum-flavoured beer. Weiss on the decks was tight all night long; house tracks throbbed and kept the revellers dancing. Cubanisto certainly know how to pull a party together.

House Of Mask will be returning to London for more festivities on 18th July at a soon-to-be-announced venue.