Do you ever think about what nightclubs of the future might look like? Would they be like the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars? Or… um…

Oh great. The chance I've been waiting for to reel off a load of clubs and bars from sci-fi films and I ruined it by not actually knowing any. Let's just get back to real life.

Or something close to real life: Absolut Vodka will be sending people into a different dimension with an interesting nocturnal event called Electrik London. They'll be putting on a unique club experience at Bankside Vaults in Blackfriars, billed as three rooms offering three different experiences: mass, collective, and individual – all revealing a different perspective on nightlife with the help of virtual reality.

“With Electrik London, we’re looking to explore the space between the virtual and physical and how we can transform the night beyond the ordinary – giving consumers a glimpse into the future of nightlife," says Rick Bennett Baggs (Senior Brand Manager, Absolut). "By bringing together the best electronic music, game-changing technology and innovative Absolut drinks, we aim to challenge how audiences think, react, engage, and transform during a night out."

Helping to get things sufficiently turnt is R&S Records, with DJ sets from Leon Vynehall, Lone, Moiré and Space Dimension Controller, illustrated with an immersive visual experience courtesy of Marshmallow Laser Feast, both working in synergy to transport you to a future-bound elsewhere.

Also on-hand providing a different sort of entertainment, Absolut ambassador and mixologist Rico Dynan will be creating a bunch of experimental drinks. Coffee Tonik, anyone? Absolut Mule? Or how about an Electrolyte (Absolut, coconut water, lime juice, pineapple syrup, blue curaçao)? Just some of the cocktails to help you get into the far-flung future mood of the night.

Electrik London takes place on 19th November from 8pm – 1am at Bankside Vaults, Blackfriars. Tickets are £6, but you'll have to visit to register for tickets by 5th November.

Drink responsibly.