Energy drinks are a necessary evil in so many of our lives. There's just no getting around it. We depend on them to hammer out our to-do list and stay alert, even in face of inevitable consequences such as crashing, uneasiness, and social taboo.

As clean energy, however, has stepped up to replace traditional energy sources across so many different industries, the natural question amongst energy drink (and even coffee) consumers has increasingly become, can there be a clean solution to daily energy that removes some of the negative consqeuences?

Interestingly, it appears one new energy drink right here in London is making the case that it can. The brand- Flyte ( combines organic caffeine from green coffee with botanicals and vitamins- to create a natural elixir of energy that provides the instant rush without any of the drawbacks. No slumps, negative social taboo, or unsteadiness.

According to Flyte Founders Luke and Jon, 'nature itself holds the power to unlock awesome energy and can do a better job of sustaining it than can chemicals and additives.'

Through their Unslump Pop Up Event Campaign that is sweeping London at the moment, Flyte is re-invigorating a work force that has long depended on chemical products and is starting to disrupt deeply seated energy consumption patterns as a result.

Behind this cultural movement are millennial cultural leaders such as Carol Costa and Solly Ian Sangala who have taken to social media to validate that clean can power us just as well as traditional energy can, and that it can finally be considered cool to be seen publicly with our energy failsafe!

Here at The 405, we wanted to do our part in bringing you first wind of this intriguing culture shift taking place. Check out Flyte’s site at to see when their next pop up event is taking place in your neighbourhood. We would be curious to hear your opinion on how effective a solution clean can be to the energy-drink market.