Ever since the World Wide Web made its way on to our computer screens, online casinos have been a popular pastime. Certainly, in recent years, we’ve seen that popularity grow even higher. As is the case with many things on the Web, however, the question of safety remains. So it's of no surprise that cautious Internet users question whether it’s safe to play at online casinos. One thing that online casinos have in their favour is that they are put under thorough and stringent scrutiny to gain and retain a license from gaming jurisdictions. In fact, since the introduction of the UK Gambling Act 2014, online casinos gave faced stricter regulations still, to provide services to gamblers in the UK.

As an increasing number of online casinos are making their way to the Internet, there are a growing number of resources like safecasinos.org.uk that are helping to make life easier for those who enjoy gambling. While we talk below about conducting your own research, these sites know what to look for and are a useful starting point. Meanwhile, here are a few things to take into account when deciding whether or not online UK casinos are safe to play at.

Keeping your data secure

Of course, one thing that is often brought up when it comes to online safety is credit card and other personal data. However, it’s very much in the interest of online casinos to ensure that safe procedures and policies are in place. It’s essential, in fact, that they protect and keep your data safe. They go as far as to use advanced encryption tech to see that any sensitive data that people submit on their site is properly transferred over to the casino. This means that the data is scrambled is that it can’t be read by anyone else.

Do your research

With that being said, it’s important that you do take the time necessary to research and properly look into any online casino you consider. Read through their privacy policies, and if you still have questions, don’t be shy in picking up their phone and asking to speak to their customer service team.

Reputable software

Another way to gauge the safety of an online casino is to check which software developer they use. No matter whether you use use the latest and greatest device to access your preferred casino, it's the operator's software that matters here. The more popular providers like NetEnt and Playtech are quoted on multiple stock exchanges and don’t allow casino operators to manipulate their software in any way. Further, the software that they use runs off random number generators that are provided to local jurisdictions in order to ensure that they’re valld. Many of today’s online casinos use globally renowned auditing firms to verify the Datta and present publicly,

A competitive market

There is strong competition among online casinos. This ensures that they act both appropriately and ethically. While it may be difficult to find another land based casino, when it comes to online casinos, it takes a matter of seconds to move on.


While there’s always a bad egg or two in any industry, it seems fair to conclude that online casinos are safe. As long as you invest the necessary time to research your chosen online casino, you can enjoy playing your favourite games without concern. The industry is facing an increasing amount of regulations and the safety factor will only improve as casinos take extra measures in ensuring that they are compliant by being even more transparent. While rogue casinos have been forced to close as a result of complaints from customers, those with a strong brand, a UK license, and reputable software continue to provide their services to satisfied members.