Élie: The Smiths discography

Foreign Diplomats discuss their favourite artworkI've always loved those covers. The way they're all related, they all fit together as a whole. The first one I ever saw was the artwork for their first record. My father had the record in his collection, that's where I discovered The Smiths. There's a mystery, a mood to this artwork that's hard to explain. And then, when you get to see all of their singles and albums and compilations, you realize that their whole discography looks awesome! It's just striking, you remember Smiths artwork.

Morrissey took stills from movies and ads, of famous actors or of people in the documentary. The concept is great and I love that their whole discography has this guideline. I think the boys in my band are tired of me always shouting about The Smiths' covers when we're talking about our own artworks. I know they like it too, but I think I'm a bit obsessed...

Thomas and Antoine: Ben Arfur

Foreign Diplomats discuss their favourite artworkRecently, while looking for inspirations for our next album/single covers, we came upon one amazing Instagram account and instantly fell in love with this artist. Ben Arfur, who is from England, offers a vintage approach to graphic design and insane typography choice. We really like how it reminds us of art from new wave/post-punk bands from the '80s like Kraftwerk or Devo. If Ben sees this, we would love to work with him in the future! Here and here are some examples of what he does.

Charles and Lazer: Brice Postma

Foreign Diplomats discuss their favourite artworkDuring our first tour in Europe in 2015, we met Brice in Nantes, France. He was introduced to us as a good friend of our French manager. We then worked with him a couple of times for show posters and we are currently working with him for our singles and album covers. He is really easy to work with and he can go in a lot of different ways. His art is simple yet defined, we like the innocence of his work and the colours he uses. He is definitely going to be a part of the Foreign Diplomats family for a long time!

Foreign Diplomats play O Patro Vys on Friday, 16th November. Check out the video for 'Tender Night' below.