William Eggleston - "Untitled" (Glass on plane)

Art Corner with musician Tess RobyThis image is magic. A worn-out postcard of this photograph always sits close to the desk in my studio. The feeling it gives me is so calming.

Patti Smith - M Train

Art Corner with musician Tess RobyM Train is a book I wish would never end. At times I feel Patti Smith’s thought process to be synonymous with my own. I find myself lost in her writing; so incredibly inspired by the way she thinks and moves through time and space, moving back and forth between past and present, thoughtfully collecting and sorting through memories.

Picasso - "Le Rêve"

Art Corner with musician Tess RobyI first saw "Le Rêve" two years ago, on a YouTube documentary on stolen art through the ages. I stopped the video, staring at the pixelated Picasso painting, wondering why I had never seen it before. My boyfriend bought me a print of the painting for my birthday, and now it hangs beside my bed. It feels like a good omen for it to be one of the last things I see before going to sleep.

Tess Roby's debut LP Beacon is out now via Italians Do It Better. She's set to play a headline London show on October 1st at the Shacklewell Arms. Check out the video for 'Given Signs' below.