Mountain View
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I met Jesse through Instagram, like a lot of my other friends, and we became best friends almost instantly. He's also a talented photographer, and we support each other so much in our work. When he's away from Philadelphia, he texts me about the frustrations of suburbia, and we count down the days until he's back in the city. When he is in town, we're inseparable. Jesse's like my brother, and we haven't even been friends for a year yet.


First day of summer. My friends and I ventured around the Delaware riverside near my neighborhood. This photo of Andrea was taken on film when we wandered through the construction site of a highway addition. By that evening, we were exhausted, slick with sweat, and a light scatter of sunburn; pink on our necks and faces.

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I met Zach for the first time the day I took this photo. I showed him a favorite rooftop of mine and shortly after, he was casually hanging out on the ledge, 30 stories above the street. As soon as we went to bike back home, a summer thunderstorm started out of nowhere. The thunder and lightning were fierce and loud, and the rain was falling so heavily we could scarcely make out each other's figures just a few feet away. We biked through the flooded streets downtown and navigated through the cars, though I remember how hard it was to keep my eyes open, with the raindrops beating merciless against my face. Surely enough, the rain stopped as soon as I reached my doorstep.

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This is my friends' band, Family Volleyball. I have so much love for these boys. They're incredibly talented and already have such a beautiful, defined sound despite they're all just juniors in high school! Their music is nostalgic, dreamy, and undeniably youthful. Their songs bring reminiscing of moments you haven't lived yet and provide the perfect soundtrack to an authentic high school experience. The melodies are stunning and their enthusiasm for their work is inspiring. I'm so excited for all the music they've yet to create and all the success I am sure they will find in the near future. P.S. Mike is one of the best drummers I've ever seen. (From left to right; Harry, Owen, Ethan, and Michael).

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Storm photos are my favorite. I captured this shot of my friend, Meeree, a few moments before we saw lightning. The colors of the sky were too incredible for me to just seek shelter inside. We stuck it out in the wind, and talked while we waited for the storm to pass. We'd only met a couple hours before, but it was as if we'd known each other for forever.

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Again, storms are something I do not shy away from. The calm immediately afterwards is something that always ends up exciting me. This is my little sister, Audrey. My family was travelling through the countryside of Quebec in the last, few fleeting days of summer. I kept running around, camera in hand, for about half an hour, when at last it was dark.


A candid photo of my neighbors, Phil and Ruby Joy in their kitchen, joined with my sister and their dog, Charlie. Phil has been a long time almost-friend-of-mine. At the end of this summer, we found out that the only reason we hadn't been friends before was because of our mutual intimidation of each other. Around this time, I also had the pleasure of becoming friends with Ruby Joy, Phil's partner. They're both artists and dog lovers. They're perfect friends, and they're just three houses down. This shot was taken after a Friday night we all spent together.


Ashley! I once went to the same school as her and she was so cool I was always intimidated by her and never thought I would be worthy of being her friend. Finally, we ended up going to some of the same concerts and became friends overnight. It was magical and I am so blessed to have her in my life. This shot is from an outing in Chinatown, which is where I spent the first four years of my life, and which I always personally identified with, as someone who is half Chinese. This neighborhood in particular continually invokes inspiration for my photography and music. Red is one of my favorite colors and themes in photos, especially since it is considered lucky in the Chinese culture.


This is my friend Caroline, and her boyfriend, Jackson. I met Caroline back in March for the first time and over the summer we became best friends. We've had such positive effects on each other and caused so much change in both of our lives in just a matter of months. We adapted a new friend group entirely and everything was different, but it was a good kind of different. I didn't realize how much of a part she would end up playing in my life but I'm glad she has. Jackson is a good part of her life right now also, and after this photo shoot I did with them, I was completely convinced that he was just right for her. Just like our friendship, Jackson and Caroline complement each other in the best way possible.


New York in the rain is a concept I have wanted to do for the longest time. Finally, the other day when I took the two hour bus ride, the whole day was forecasted to be rainy and windy. Perfect. I met up with my friend, Andrew, for the first time in the few years we've been friends over instagram, and his friend Mollie for a quick shoot. The rest is history; some seriously insane portraits resulted from the rain and the fog. Somehow, as we all got increasingly soaked, the photos seemed to get better and better. This is a shot I took of Mollie right before we parted ways.


Andrew, on the day of the rainstorm in New York. We had so much fun prancing around the wet streets and briefly seeking shelter between shots.

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