Corporeality, n. 'The state of having a body or having an existence related​ to the body, especially as opposed to the spirit'.​ ​This series will highlight seven contemporary artists and explore their work through the common theme of the body.

When we look for depictions of 'the body' in art, we most often gaze upon images of the female nude. Alex Grigg's 'Fiverr-Dicks' provide a welcome counterbalance and a fitting end to this series. Alex Grigg is an Australian animation director and designer, though this series is a group of his tongue-in-cheek illustrations.

Fiverr, for those who haven't heard of it, is a website based upon the principle that every service costs 5 dollars. Alex described on ​his website​ how he came up with the idea for this series: "​Recently the awesome crew at Fiverr asked me to join up and start selling my services for 5 dollars a pop! I thought it was about time I embraced the sharing economy, so I set up a page where I draw dicks for 5 bucks. Unfortunately, the listing was taken down within the hour but not before I got quite a few orders." Here are a few of those orders.

All images copyright Alex Grigg - see more of his work on his ​website.