"We are men we do have balls"

This is something I've learned since I was a child. I've always been interested in playing with boys, instead of girls, I had a thing for swords and cars. Even photography have always been considered as a men job and several times in my life I've heard the phrase "It's a man job, you can't do it". Even if times changes, sometimes when I feel a bit insecure that phrase come up in my head. Through time I've started to answer to that voice in my head:

"We are women we do have eggs".

And this has been the starting point and the idea behind this series. I wanted to play with female body and body parts through role play and mixing both female and male genitalia shapes. I've decided to partner with Veronica Meruzzi an artist who made several wax mold in order to be used as props on the scene. I've worked on building props to suggest the idea of a mix between women eggs and testicles.

We wanted to represent in few pictures that creepy feel that resides in all the misbelieves and legends around vagina and women diversity. Such as Vagina dentata, Just to name one of the myths around female genitalia.

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