Who would've thought Kanye West would ever get a children's book written about him? Well, actually, it feels more likely that he would've been the one writing the children's book – surely just another facet of creativity for him to dive into, no? Just like Danny Brown's Cat In The Hat-inspired children's book. Or Pharrell's 'Happy'-themed series of children's books.

Anyway: simply put by its creator, graphic designer/illustrator Zak Tebbal, as "A translation of Kanye West's 'Bound 2' music video into a children's book," it's a glorious picture book called Bound 2Gether. It… it kind of makes your heart melt a little bit.

Zak's site is full of loads of other fun pieces, like these flight safety cards "for your run of the mill asshole", so I recommend taking a look over at zaktebbal.com if you get a chance.

You can go and read the whole thing over here. Taster page below.