Ballantine's True Music Series launched earlier this month at London's Printworks, showcasing the debut performance of London-based producer and artist Reeps One to create three original artworks that intersect music, visuals and performance; in collaboration with Ballantine's, the display fused Reeps One's original track 'Surfaces' with an audio visualiser and Ballantine's Finest whisky brand; transfiguring music into 360˚ immersive artwork projections around the space.

It's the evolution of Ballantine's Artist's Series, with previous collaborations including album cover designer, Leif Podhajsky and music photographer, Dave Ma. Reeps commented “I know what I want my work to stand for, and that has allowed me to find opportunities that are genuinely inspiring. Working with Ballantine’s on the True Music Series has given me the freedom to push my artistic work further than I have before. Whisky has a different viscosity to water so, when I added Ballantine’s to the audio visualiser, it behaved in a totally unique way, creating these beautifully complex and chaotic patterns, which made the creation process all the more exciting.”

The music video of 'Surfaces' took form via fan footage from the evening itself. The images were shot in macro and capture the dynamic geometric patterns as the whisky moved and changed with the frequency variations in the track. It's a cool, if trippy, experience. Watch the resulting video below.

'Surfaces' can also be streamed here.