Welcome to another edition of Behind the Cover - a series which puts the focus on beautiful album art and packaging. Today, we're off to an abandoned house in Sweden...

The cover of Anna von Hausswolff's forthcoming album The Miraculous features stunning black-and-white photography courtesy of the fantastic Anders Nydam, who ended up working outside of his comfort zone to create the visuals. Read our brief Q&A with Anders to find out what The Miraculous means to him, his love of Scandinavian Black/Death metal albums, and why he'd join Anna's army in the event of an interstellar dogfight.

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How did the cover come about, and was it a collaborative process between yourself and Anna?
Anna had asked me to travel to an abandoned house deep in the darkest forests of Sweden. She wanted us to try and capture the atmosphere of the place. I initially refused. Who would willingly follow a black witch to the most desolate, creepy place in all of Sweden? But using some dark foul smelling magic, she was able to convince me. I had my old Nikon camera and a few roles of film that were lying around in the fridge. After spending a day in the house, I'm pretty sure we were not alone. It had been abandoned for many years, but it was still furnished as if someone was living there. We both felt like we were walking around in a mausoleum.

Working with analog photography, it's always scary to see what strange apparitions appear when you develop the film. When I saw this image I freaked out. We immediately decided it would be the front cover as it responded to the idea of The Miraculous place the album is centred around. We were brainstorming on how to decorate the inside of the gatefold and Anna showed me a selection of copper etchings she had made. They fit really well. One of Annas images even made it onto the last side of the 2nd LP as a physical etching.

Anna is a totally uncompromising artist, with a very clear vision. If she was put in charge of an army I'm sure she would invade one of our neighbouring solar systems. I for one would enlist.

Do you think it represents the album well?
To me, The Miraculous is a blitzkrieg in the fight against reality. Just as I experienced in the dark room, this cover will be the last thing you'll see before your mind is forever altered.

What do you consider to be the greatest album cover of all time, and what draws you to it?
I have a soft spot for the early Black/Death metal albums from Scandinavia. Like Dissection, Dark funeral, Dismember, Emperor. Kristian 'Necrolord' Wåhlin visualized a whole genre with his mix of romanticism and horror.

The self-titled album from Paysage d'Hiver also comes to mind. Simple, raw and haunting.

Lastly, what work do you have coming up that we should know about?
I am a cinematographer, and apart from shooting the recently released Anna von Hausswolff video, I also shot one for Danish Illdjinn, and another for Swedish Dolores haze. Both should be coming out soon.

I also worked on a short film called 'Slawde', which is coming out at the end of November. It was shot entirely on location in a slaughter house in a rural part of Denmark. It almost turned me vegan. So keep your rotting eyes free of flies and look out!

The Miraculous is out on November 13th; Anna von Hausswolff plays London's Oslo on December 8th. Check out the video for 'Evocation' - which was directed by Anna's sister Maria and shot by Anders - below.