The Black Lives Matter movement has come forward with its first official platform, containing six primary demands and solutions to help bring about racial justice for Black people in America. 30 BLM-affiliated organizations throughout the States have put together the list detailed below.

1.) End the war on black people: "concerning mass incarceration, police violence, over-policing, and capital punishment, which have become known as BLM’s signature issues."

2.) Reparations: "through various government programs for black people, including free public college education and a guaranteed minimum income."

3.) Invest-divest: "re-allocation of funds from the military, police and carceral system to human-oriented services like healthcare, transformative justice, and education."

4.) Economic justice: "re-structuring of the economy to make things more equitable for black people and other marginalized groups via redistributionist policies, progressive tax codes, environmental protections, the return of the Glass-Steagall Act, an end to the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, expanded labor protections, and support of black alternative institutions."

5.) Community control: "of police forces and other local institutions such as education."

6.) Political power: "voting rights, the right to protest, the release of political prisoners, full access to technology, and funding for black institutions of higher learning."

By clicking on each demand, read a detail list of solutions and steps to achieve them, while taking into account the needs of other extra-marginalized people of colour like women, LGBT people, un-documented immigrants and sex workers.