In a time where our attention lasts for maximum one minute per phone call, forming an actual human connection with the other person in the other end of the phone is one futile task. Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Sitkin, however, has created something that will make your phone calls simultaneously a tad creepier yet more surreal and maybe even fun?

Sitkin's constructed a synthetic phone case that features an ear that moves and feels like actual human ear. Weird? Yes. Incredibly clever? Yes. While Sitkin's work might leave you in awe in its hyper-real presence, it is a creation that connects with the Surrealist past and their fascination with disfigurement and fetishization of body parts. It makes the human connection more tangible in a time where every social relationship is a fleeting one.

Have a look at more of Sarah's work below.

 photo image_zpsto2nh6fj.jpg  photo tumblr_n4w5wpZKOZ1qmc7z6o1_r2_1280_zpslhiuf2u9.jpg  photo tumblr_n9mwch8Pmp1qmc7z6o1_1280_zps6anfzyxi.jpg