Casinos are widespread across the world, and while some countries are open to this form of a business, others are not. Paraphrasing the famous saying, there is always a way out when there is a will to achieve something, and it is more accurate when it comes to casinos. Of course, the easy method is online casinos where you can get something like a Genting bet promo code and make a sweet deal without moving a muscle. However, when out and about travelling a real punter would want to try their luck in a new place, and the following three sites provide are unique locations to play the perfect hand.

On a boat in Goa, India

As a country that doesn't allow casinos in their conventional form, it is interesting to see that the gambling culture still manages to thrive in India. At the centre of all the action is the seaside state of Goa, popular with beachgoers as well as those wanting to immerse themselves in the thrill of gambling. The debate over the gambling culture of India has been going on for decades, but at present, it is an experience that many people flock to enjoy. With strict laws in place, the only place "live" casinos are allowed in Goa is in the open waters of the sea and river Mandovi. Large ferries converted into the top of the line casinos, float on the side of the mainland taking visitors on and off via boats for an experience that is extremely enjoyable, even if you don't plan to play it big at the casino.

Inside the airport at Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam has long been an exciting destination to visit. It's openness to free thinking has made it amongst the most liberal cities of the world. Whether it is the coffee shops that sell hash or the red-light district in the heart of the town, the Dutch are at the forefront of making a society with fewer restrictions and more understanding. The same holds true for casinos, and unlike Las Vegas which evolved up from the sand, Amsterdam had a more natural way of adapting to gambling. Now, it has one of the few airports in the world with a casino. Yes, you can play the slots or roulette at the conveniently located casino inside the airport terminal of Schiphol, and certainly make that flight back home all the more joyous with a nice big win before take-off.

Below the ground at Coober Pedy, Australia

When it comes to the unusual, the Australians can at times be quite eccentric and quaint. Take the town of Coober Pedy as an example, a city known for its opal mining that is almost entirely underground. Situated in South Australia, at first it comes across as a vast expanse of deserted land dotted with the occasional building. However, there is a whole thriving city under the ground. Among the other attractions of Coober Pedy is Dessert Cave Hotel, an underground hotel with an underground casino, the only one in Southern Australia, making it the most visited gambling spot in the region. How will the lack of natural light affect your game? You have to try your luck and find out.