StandardDesign's shop at Etsy is churning out some incredible art by making posters out of classic albums. With an emphasis on Bowie and British postpunk and Britpop, discographies have been formed into Penguin books, using the torn, used and moth-eaten vintage aesthetic to accompany the context of the albums' classic music. There's so many to choose from. Click through each poster like you're record shopping here.

Each costs $26.54.

 photo hunky_dory_20938423_465_zps3o9t2adh.jpg

 photo queen_is_dead_29384234_465_zpsv4nu1hm1.jpg

 photo radiohad_ok_computer_092834242_465_zpslzdx2gsm.jpg

 photo rain_dogs_09238423_465_zpswsbxt0af.jpg

 photo unknown_pleasures_092834232_465_zpssnyhrfdb.jpg

 photo zoso_0928342342_465_zpsoduluoib.jpg