Here's another reason why you should be attending Roskilde Festival this year: besides all the amazing music you'll be able to experience in a beautiful Danish location, one of the festival's highlights will undoubtedly be the presence of activist Chelsea Manning, who will talk about activism and transgender rights.

"The story of Chelsea Manning is dramatic and personal, and it’s highly relevant in 2018," says Mette Woller, head curator at Roskilde Festival. "We believe the festival-goers will be particularly interested in her will to make life-altering decisions and deal with the consequences. This won’t be a one-way talk, and we encourage the participants to be an active part of it, ask questions and inspire each other."

Manning will talk on July 5th as part of the arts and debate programme. Roskilde Festival runs from June 30th to July 7th, with tickets on sale overhere, though one-day tickets for July 4th are now sold-out.