Whilst many of us think we could handle some burglary after watching Kevin McAllister in Home Alone, the truth is that we wouldn't know the first thing about creating booby traps to keep our possessions safe, and would likely end up hurting ourselves. Thankfully, it's 2018 and we don't need to rely on irons and Micro Machines to feel safe; we can use some incredible technology that does all the hard work for us.

We've searched for some of the coolest and most useful items that can help us keep our homes safe and sound, even when we're not there.

Pretend you're at home with this timer

Although it might seem ridiculously simple, a light suddenly turning on in a dark house is one of the biggest deterrents to would-be thieves. Of course, some people ask a friend or neighbour to 'house sit' whenever they go on holiday, but another option is to pick up these timers. At a random moment in the night or early morning, you could set a lamp to come on, which would hopefully make anyone second-guess whether someone was inside the home. This can be done at the same point every day, so even if you take a holiday for a week, those lights will always come on at the same time.

Lights, camera, action

CCTV is all over our cities, but there's no reason why we can't protect our homes with surveillance cameras, as well. Whether you position one just above your front door is up to you, but with this waterproof camera, you can record 720p HD video and then view any footage on your smartphone or laptop. The camera also films in infrared, so any nighttime footage is easily visible. You could even place several around your property. The presence of the camera should be enough to unnerve burglars, but you've got them on camera if they are stupid enough to try breaking into your home.

A robotic guard dog (sort of)

The next gadget is incredibly cool. Cocoon basically listens to your house and becomes accustomed to the voices and movements of all the people who live there. Consequently, when you're away from home and Cocoon detects a sound in the house it hasn't heard before, you can receive an alert or live HD footage on your phone. It could be the neighbour you asked to feed your cat, or it could, in fact, be someone trying to rob you. If it's the latter, you have the option to blare a siren from the device in a bid to scare any thieves.

Not everything precious is something physical

Of course, we live in an age where digital theft is rampant, so that means defending our laptops and smartphones in the home is very important to help give us peace of mind. Norton's online security package can protect several devices in the home, so you can be shielded from viruses, spyware, malware, phishing, and other types of hacking.