Hanging a rug on your wall might seem like an odd activity unless you're 15 and trying to soundproof your prepubescent bedroom for your big 'band practice', or you're a Nordic peasant in the 19th century. However, Niina Tuohimetsä - a designer from Finland - begs to differ.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Finnish and Swedish tapestry culture, Tuohimetsä reinvents 'ryijy' - the Finnish wall rug - in a way that is far from being an anachronistic attempt of reviving the visual culture embedded within these wall pieces. The minimalistic colorscape and structural formality of Tuohimetsä's pieces provides a modern, almost futuristic aura of Scandinavian simplicity.

Handmade in Finland, her work is created to fit a modern home without losing their touch on the accustomed craftsmanship tradition behind it. The controlled tonality of the weaving is created in sync with the visual culture of contemporary interior design, yet it allows you to take a journey to the rural forest greens of Finland.

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"When I started working on Finnish tapestry, I wanted to engage with the art form in a completely new and unique way that would revive and maintain the appreciation towards the traditional Finnish craftsmanship," says the designer. "We live in a world where we want everything to be immediate and cheap. We no longer have the patience to wait and think about our purchases in a more profound manner. Ryijy represents the complete opposite of the IKEA generation we are part of and the mass production and consumption embedded in it."

Find out more about Niina Tuohimetsä's work on her website.

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