"Harmonizing a portrait with a map suggests that we are part of a landscape", states the 26-year-old visual artist Ed Fairburn in his interview with ArtDistrict. Mixing topography with detailed portraiture, Fairburn's work derives from the curiosity towards the natural origin of humanity. The use of different maps from around the world creates unique results and as he studies the psyche of the subjects found in his portraits; a union between humanity and topography is born.

His work dusts away the everyday banality off an item like a map. In his hands, the cartographic imagery becomes a playground of creativity and beautiful portraiture. Fairburn encourages us to celebrate the powerful maternal essence of the nature that will either cherish us or devour us.

Have a look at Ed Fairburn's beautiful work below.

 photo Anna-Karina1500_zpsk4d5zui6.jpg  photo Anna-Fisher1500_zpsatylf7sj.jpg  photo Denver-Southbound1500edit_zpsjvzzk9xa.jpg  photo FemaleCropsaturated_1000_zpsppskcqtz.jpg