Elena Helfrecht first drew our attention with her Silent Dialogue series - a group of photographs that each tell a person's story through their bodies, their skin and the way or position in which they're displayed. These photographs are a little uncomfortable for the viewer - we make of these stories what we want, but there's a common theme of seeing what is often unseen (be it scars or slugs on skin).

Elena is a particularly arresting photographer with bold conceptual ideas behind her series, as is apparent in her own words below. This is brave and a rarity; her work deserves to be recognized. She has kindly provided more exclusive images on the theme of body and skin (though not a continuation of her silent dialogue series) for the purpose of this feature.

"The Silent Dialogue is a deliberate selection from an ongoing series of conceptually documenting self-portraits since 2014, examining the relationship between my own body and mind. Facial features and a physiognomic identity are avoided in order to focus on the skin and its storytelling, allowing the observer to identify with shown imagery. The single photographs can be seen as fragments or shards which, put together, yield a mirror enabling me to reflect on and analyze myself. Diagnosed with depression and an emotionally unstable personality disorder I discovered the camera as a way of treatment and peaceful exorcism."

You can view more of Elena's work by heading here.

Elena Helfrecht - The soft destroyer
Elena Helfrecht - Reasons I love you
Elena Helfrecht - Time will heal
Elena Helfrecht - I am a married woman
Elena Helfrecht - Before pupation
Elena Helfrecht - Filth
Elena Helfrecht - I didn
Elena Helfrecht - Who I am

Section Two

Elena Helfrecht - Roots
Elena Helfrecht - S
Elena Helfrecht - The girl with scales under her skin
She wore Shadows I