It’s no news that films, television, politics and sports offer the biggest betting markets by far. However, if you look closely and carry out some research you’d figure that there are several other interesting things you can bet on too, and some of them are pretty weird! Let’s acquaint you with four of the weirdest things that you can bet on these days.

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Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

The question whether we’re alone, dwelling on a spinning planet situated right in the middle of the universe, has bothered a great multitude of people for many centuries. What more, it’s also a question that bookmakers are making a handsome profit from. Learn more about UFOs by going over this Q&A with Tom DeLonge.

Some bookmakers offer odds on the year that humanity will come face to face with alien life. The options provided are anywhere from now to 2020 and beyond. While many people laugh at the possibility of alien life, for some it has become a means of big business! Here’s all the latest news on UFOs.

Cheese Rolling

It’s important to clarify at the outset that this is exactly what you instantly thought it was. Cheese rolling is a sport where players must roll huge round chunks of cheese down a hill. The person who’s the quickest in moving his cheese over the finishing line wins the game.

In fact, cheese rolling officials even applied to the International Olympic Committee at one point of time, requesting for the sport to be officially recognised and involved in the Olympic Games. No marks for guessing that the application was denied indeed! However, that didn’t stop sports bettors from betting on this interesting activity!

Bog snorkelling

Bog snorkelling is in fact absolutely impossible in some of the countries, especially places that have luscious hillsides, deep blue seas and golden beaches. As expected, UK definitely is not one such country. Pages such as will give you all the latest news and information needed in the bog snorkelling world.

Every year when weather plays havoc, hundreds of players from different parts of the world descend upon Britain’s marshes to put on their snorkels and flippers, to participate in the widely renowned World Bog Snorkelling Championship! The event involves participants competing against each other to cover two lengths of bog water as quickly as possible. Not only do you get various betting markets in the sport, but betting firms also actively sponsor this event.


While it might sound more like some pasta dish, Pesapallo is actually the national sport of Finland. The game is also played actively in other countries like Switzerland, Germany and Australia.

It’s basically a sport played with bat and ball, quite like baseball. Although not many sports betting platforms offer odds on Pesapallo, some bookies based out of Scandinavia offer odds for bigger Pesapallo events.