There's a sweet, succinct finale to a meal because of a fortune cookie. Think for a moment; it's the only food that offers you sustenance and inspiration at the same time. Maybe it doesn't taste like chocolate cake, but chocolate cake isn't going to tell you that life is worth living. Chocolate cake doesn't tell you shit, really.

However, anyone who's opened more than five fortune cookies quickly learns that the messages printed inside are largely the same, just in different iterations; every once in a while you'll get a funny misprint, but not often enough. Enter OK Cookie, from the maker of Cards Against Humanity - the group card game intended to gross everyone out with actual sincere, adult-level effort. The company is offering a batch of 15 random "horrible fortune cookies" for a mere $10 plus shipping. Any orders (in the U.S.) of two boxes are more ships for free.

Head over to the OK Cookie website for more information.