Fans of curious music memorabilia will note that artist-branded alcohol isn't quite new, but rarely do the products attached the bands have a note of critical acclaim. And, most of the time, the artists attached are well-known stars, like Justin Timberlake, and not prog-rock maestros.

Mogwai, however, brought out the surprisingly successful rockact81w rum earlier this year from Glasgow’s The Good Spirits Co. And following the success, both parties introduced the newest confection - rockact81r. The limited edition release (330 bottles) goes on sale today (Wednesday, July 1st) at 10am, and will only be available to UK customers. Those interested can visit The Good Spirits Co. online store for orders, or call 0141 258 8427.

Good Spirits Co. notes rockact81w is, "A 12 year old single cask Demerara rum from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana, the 50% alc. rum is bottled by the Creative Whisky Co."

In the mean time check out The 405's trip to Mogwai's June 25th show at the Roundhouse in London, courtesy of Mathew Parri Thomas.