Sean Ross is a San Francisco-based designer who had the amazing idea of reimagining some of the most well-known tech-related logos as heavy metal album covers. Mainly taking inspiration from '80s LP artwork, Ross crosses different fields of contemporary visual culture in a very post-modernist way; mixing-and-matching references and re-appropriating visual references from a different angle.

"The visual language of disruption is much more exciting and strange than anything you see in tech; it usually stems from youth and street culture, not white dudes on computers, and it’s constantly shapeshifting," he explains. "While the signifiers of rebellion are always eventually co-opted, it seems like we’re skipping over that part entirely, and immediately going for what blends into the landscape, which makes sense when you’re chasing ’adopters’, but it’s so detrimental to brands being representative of anything unique or concrete."

Check out some of his work below (via It's Nice That).