As the seasons change, trends do too – and that doesn’t just go for clothes! Interior design trends have NEVER been bigger than they are right now, and if you’re a fan of browsing the high street shops, you’ll be pleased to hear that more and more of them are doing their own interior design ranges, and you’re even likely to find some treasures in bargain stores such as Primark too. Whether you’re extremely fashion conscious in everything you do, or you’re simply following the seasons, here are the latest decorating trends for your bedroom that people are going mad for.

Neutral Colours

Quite often if you’re selling your house quickly through companies such as, you’re advised to use neutral colours in your décor. This is because it’s ultimately more appealing for prospective buyers, as it provides them with a blank canvas to give them a chance to imagine their own décor and belongings there. Well, neutral colours are also in when it comes to bedroom décor too.

This Autumn, the minimalist trend is without a doubt still rife – and neutral colours are the base of all minimalist rooms. Calming creams, stones and greys are incredible for giving a room a feeling of stillness and tranquillity – and really what else do you want in your bedroom? If you think about spas and their colour schemes, they tend to go for neutrals, and colours that derive from nature like sea blues and mossy greens, and the reason behind this is because they’re the most calming colours. All of these elements of nature and neutrality lend themselves particularly well for the bedroom, because it’s supposed to be your ultimate space of relaxation.

Fashion Fusion

Think of the trendiest home décor you can right now, and all of the different designs that have made their way onto Pinterest pages and in magazines alike. Now, think about the ways you could fuse some of these together. This will create a truly fashionable space.

For example, think of the best classic designs you can, and then mix these up with contemporary. Or how about combining exotic greens and flowers with retro-modern accessories? The clashing and combining of these different and similar designs create amazing home interiors – particularly for bedrooms. Think about it, bedrooms are supposed to be our own private spaces that are personal to us, both in décor and design. What better way to do this than a culmination of contrasting designs that make them all personal to you?

Think About Multi-Functionality

A lot of the time, we don’t have the space in our bedrooms that we often wish we did. This is where multi-functionality can come in – and surprise – it’s bang on trend too.

For example, have you ever considered that instead of investing in a clumpy book or DVD case, you could instead have shelving incorporated into your walls? Sometimes storage is one of the hardest things to achieve in a small space, so incorporating it into what you already have is often the best solution. If you’re the owner of a small room, then this could be a good solution for you.


Coming back to minimalism – it’s not all about colour. It’s about how you use the space around you too. Minimalism originates from Japanese culture, and the notion of having “one in, one out” when it comes to possessions. In short, we shouldn’t let our spaces get too crowded full of furniture and belongings that serve no real purpose. Whether or not you believe in Feng Shui and the positive energy of a room being balanced by its inhabiting inanimate objects, it goes without saying that the more sparsely you use furniture, the bigger the space will appear. This could be why the minimalist trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon – that, and the fact it looks amazing.

Cosiness and Comfort are Key

Last, but certainly not least, comfort and cosiness have never gone out of fashion in the bedroom – and it doesn’t look like they ever will. After all, this is our place of rest – and the place we go to when we need to ultimately relax, so it’s no wonder that cosiness and comfort should always have a place in the bedroom. A great way of doing this is piling your bed with comfy cushions and throws. Remember that your bed is the centrepiece of the room, so adorning it with luxurious accessories is key to making it a wonderful space.