In what is probably the least expected music star "fight" of the day, Die Antwoord's male half, Ninja, has thrown some nasty words towatds pop star Lady Gaga regarding her apparently new hairstyle. And unbeknownst to a lot of people, this wasn't the first time the South African odd rap duo has taken swings at her.

Regarding Lady Gaga's new hairstyle, which sports bangs, Ninja noted on Instagram, "this iz exactly why we diss this fuktard parasite biter bitch #gagaNYfashionweek." This comment apparently came in support of his female bandmate Yolandi Visser, who's been sporting the bang-centric cut seen above for years.

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Gaga had actually previously asked the group to support her on a tour, which they adamantly refused - even making fun of her in the video for 'Fatty Boom Boom' (see: below), in which the two fight a fictional Lady Gaga. Gaga fired back, pointing at the duo's lack of commercial success.